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K9100 K-9 Handler Glove

K9100 K-9 Handler Glove
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Made by: HWI Gear Inc. - Tactical Gloves, Bags and Gear
Manufacturer Part No: K9100

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This specialized glove features ergonomic "contour cut" design coupled with the strongest Clarino synthetic leather base and the most abrasive resistant KAR (Clarino) palm reinforcement. This glove will work as hard as the canines you handle. The palm design wraps around the outer portion and inner portion of hand and the design has enough minute gaps to allow for superior dexterity. The index finger is reinforced but still allows positive firearm control. All unique design features are the result of cooperation from K-9 officers. The back is a comfortable stretch polyester. The whole glove is 100% washable.

•Constructed from SBA-180 Clarino and HAR Clarino for superior abrasionresistance and wear yet 100% washable
•Ergonomic "contour cut" allows for excellent dexterity while handling dogs and firearm control
•Reinforcements in all strategic areas in palm, wrapping around outer edges of hand with relief in design for flexibility
•Closed-cell foam protection on top of thumb and side of index finger to protect against blows against doors and frames with lead hand
•Glove is breathable and very comfortable to wear
•Hook and loop closure allows easy don and doff

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K9100 K-9 Handler Glove Reviews

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Pretty nice
Charlemagne ( 4/9/2015 12:50 PM
I have been looking for K9 gloves, but my hands are small so it is hard to find ones that fit. These almost fit me, but are slightly bigger than my hands. The finger tips are not protected with leather like other parts of the glove are, so not sure how they are against dog bites, although they have been used to remove an object from a ticked off puppy's mouth with success. These are good for what I need them for, and the price wasn't too bad. These will also protect your hands from leash pulls when walking untrained dogs.
Good...depends on your leash grip
benrb ( 4/9/2015 12:48 PM
I have been a police K9 handler for a little over three years. I used a 10 meter, 1 inch tubular nylon lead for my tracking. So, as you can imagine, I literally burn through gloves pretty quickly. I like the fit of these gloves. Most of the other gloves I have used in dog handling have been made by Mechanix. I always buy my mechanix gloves in Medium. I, fortunately, got to try on another handler's pair of HWI gloves prior to ordering. Medium would have been to small. Large fits great. The gloves are snug and kind of soft, which makes for good dexterity and touch. No issues with shooting in the gloves, and can easily manipulate smaller things a multi-tool or digging car keys out of my pocket. The gloves have extra strips of leather and/or padding where HWI assumes the leash is going to run and cause wear. If you hold your tracking lead with the lead running under your thumb pinched on the side of your index finger, these gloves may last you a while as there is a beefy pad on the side of the index finger. However, if you have the lead wrap over your thumb, sorta around your thumb, then across your palm while you make a fist (like I do), you will burn holes across the palm at the base of your fingers pretty quickly. The gloves have an extra patch of leather in exactly that part of your palm, but its pretty thin, and my dry nylon leash burned holes in about a week.
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