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Condor Cross Draw Vest in stock for $62.95
Condor Cross Draw Vest in stock for $62.95
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Manufacturer:: Condor Outdoor Tactical Gear
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Condor Outdoor Tactical Gear is a bit of newcomer to the military gear and law enforcement industry but they have quickly established themselves as a major competitor and supplier to S.W.A.T. teams, military personnel, police officers and special forces. The Condor Cross Draw Vest is a quality constructed item and more importantly, priced for those on a budget.

Military personnel, law enforcement officers and every true tactical professional has a tactical vest in their tactical collection. The Condor Cross Draw Vest is a quality constructed item built to last. Used by troops oveseas, SWAT team members in the toughest cities in the US, airsofters, paintballers and tactical professionals worldwide, is made for rugged use. Condor Outdoor Tactical Gear manufacturers several top notch tactical vests and accessories.

This cross draw tactical vest is a top seller.  Good quality vest priced for those on a budget.


  • Right side has 3 ammo pouches, above the ammo pouches, the right side has a large shell carrying pouch and a shooting pad.
  • Left side features a pistol holster capable of carrying most medium-framed pistols, 3 pistol magazine pouches which are fully adjustable to the height of most normal-sized magazines.
  • Vest is mounted on tough nylon mesh material which aids ventilation.
  • Shoulders on vest can be adjusted with long velcro strips, and also have 2 mental D-rings for the attachment of carabiners or other material.
  • Vest zips up in front and can be secured additionally with a pistol belt (included) threaded through the loops on the bottom.
  • Interior of vest has two zip-up document pockets left and right.
  • Rear of vest is double-ply mesh which allows for the addition of a hydration bladder.
  • A carrying handle is provided as well as strips across the back for the addition of camouflage material or other pouches.
  • Left and right sides can be adjusted for width via drawstrings.
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Quality vest
Russell B. ( 9/16/2014 5:28 PM
Good vest, I have several different handguns, each one has different magazines so I have several of these vest, I keep them rigged up for specific handguns. I keep them ready to go, each vest has a specific weapon, and I fill all the magazine pouches with the specific mags for that handgun. If I have to grab a vest and roll-out, I know that it is already equipped with a loaded handgun, plus at least four pistol mags, and yes, several mags for my AR, or Mini 14. This is a quallity built item, not cheap junk. The load bearing belt is also very well made, and can support a lot of extra gear. Also has molle set up on the back for adding pouches like a first aid kit, or survival gear etc. The back pouches are optional, hard to reach of course while wearing the vest, but it is good to put some kind of gear on the back because if you front load the vest w/all types a magazines etc. the vest can feel out of balance, all the weight in the front. So, a little extra gear on the back not only comes in handy if you need it, but also helps to balance the whole package.
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