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Welcome to Code 3 Tactical Supply, the #1 choice for law enforcement and military professionals!

We know what it's like when you need help and when you need it now!  Our goal at Code 3 Tactical Supply is two-fold.

Jared Lewis, a former California cop explains our goals...

#1 - Low priced, high quality equipment. 

"I know what it's like to be issued poor quality equipment.  The first holster my department issued me was for a twenty year-old cross-draw holster for my department issued .38 revolver.  The handcuffs were horrible and most of my other equipment was hand-me downs from retired officers.  I quickly learned that if I wanted the best equipment to keep me safe, I would have to buy it myself.  The local police supply stores were way over priced and never had what I needed.   Who wants to pay the full retail price?"  Our #1 goal is to provide the very lowest priced equipment possible.

#2 - Low priced equipment doesn't do you any good if it takes weeks and weeks to get it. 

Although there are some circumstances out of our control with delays from manufacturers, we strive to get you your equipment ASAP.  In addition to our Wisconsin store and ordering direct from the dozens of manufacturers, we also ship some of our gear straight from the factory--anything to get you your gear as fast as possible!  We keep a large inventory on hand of the most popular items and ship out all of your orders priority mail.

We look forward to serving your needs!