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Code 3 Tactical Supply was started in 1999 by a former California cop as a means to offer low priced law enforcement and military gear.  Since that time we have successfully served over 100,000 customers representing nearly every federal, military and law enforcement agency in the nation.

What makes Code 3 Tactical Supply different?  We’ve found the majority of law enforcement online retailers tend to fall into two categories.  1) Those operated out of someone’s home as a hobby business.  Although some of these websites offer low priced gear and a fancy website, their drawbacks include no customer services, no inventory and horrible ordering policies.  2)  We’ve found some of the larger stores that offer this type of gear, although one company, they operate several different websites.  If you have a bad experience at one of their websites, there is a good chance you’ll find another one of their websites and unknowingly still be buying from the same company.  Large online dealers have big warehouses, lots of 1-800 operators and the prices to match that service.  You’ll find we try to keep our prices as low as possible and to top it off, you’ll find we have some of the best shipping rates and cancellation/return policy anywhere.

We are a small business located in Madison, WI.  You can visit us in person or order online. 

Let us know how we can serve your needs.