Attention Customers,

After 10 years of business and having serviced over 125,000 customers, we are now forced to close our doors.  This was unexpected.  We are terminating this website and all pending orders are now canceled.  If you are owed a refund please click here to obtain a full refund of all funds.

Over the past few years we’ve seen an increase in challenges in servicing this industry.  Manufacturers scaling back production, increased processing fees and lengthy backorders and product shortages such as the recent 22LR shortage.  Banks consider us high risk because we offer products related to firearms, credit card processing companies closing our accounts because of government pressure an issue we’ve faced more than once. You can read more about that issue by clicking here.

Recently we've seen a reduction in sales and an increase in customer frustration.  It's been a struggle.  Without notice, we recently received notice that our credit card processing company was immediately dropping us as a customer.  In turn, our funds are frozen and they simply turned off our ability to refund credit cards.  Although we do expect a legal battle in the future, for now our biggest concern is making sure any customer that has a pending charge on their account is credited in full.

For our store and this website--we are now throwing in the towel.

To those customers who have been patient with us during the difficult times you have no idea how much we appreciate it.  To those who we’ve angered with abnormal delays, we do deeply apologize.  We just wanted to offer low priced gear and have fallen short of what we intended to do.

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